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Frequently Asked Questions

The Warren County Sports Park (“WCSP”) is a private, destination sports facility – one of the first of its kind in the United States. It is operated by the Warren County Convention & Visitors Bureau (“WCCVB”).

For more information on the facility, visit or call 513-204-1900.

For the sake of clarity, here are a few answers to questions posed to the WCSP recently:

  • What is a destination sports park?

    A destination sports park is a facility built for a single purpose: to host championships and events which have a positive economic impact on the local economy. These championships and events are attended by visiting athletes and their families. In order to attract these “high-level” events, the fields and facilities must be maintained at a high level as well, which is why play on the fields is limited to a relatively few events every year

  • Where is the Warren County Sports Park located?

    The park is located at 1408 OH-741 in Lebanon, OH, 45036.

  • Did local tax dollars build the WCSP?

    No. The construction of the WCSP was financed by the revenues of the WCCVB. No money from the general fund of Warren County (or any other governmental entity) was used in the construction of, or the operation of, the WCSP.

  • Why was the WCSP built?

    The WCSP was built for the purpose of economic development and to lower the tax burden for local residents. The mission of the WCSP is to attract visitors to the area to play on the fields but also to dine in local restaurants, shop in local retail stores, and stay in local hotels. When visitors spend their money in Warren County, that spending generates sales tax for the Warren County general fund and generates other revenue in different forms for the general funds of local cities, towns and townships. And all that spending means local governmental entities can provide services to residents without spending or increasing the tax dollars paid by local residents. In short, tourism and visitor spending lowers the tax burden for Warren County residents.

  • Who owns the WCSP?

    The facility is owned and operated by the Warren County Convention & Visitors Bureau, a private, non-profit 501c6 corporation. The land is owned by the Warren County Port Authority.

  • Who built the WCSP?

    The facility was built by the Conger Construction Group and designed by the Kleingers Group. Construction began in 2018, and was completed in 2020.

  • Who can use the WCSP?

    In order to fulfill its mission, the fields and other amenities of the WCSP are reserved for those events and championships which can demonstrate a positive economic impact on Warren County. However, some use by local organizations is permitted. Those organizations must enter into an agreement with the WCCVB and provide certain assurances, including the provisions for insurance coverage, and satisfy other conditions. Contact the WCCVB at 513-204-1900 for more information.

  • How do I reserve space at the WCSP?

    Any entity wishing to reserve the WCSP, in part or in whole, must contact the WCCVB and request to enter into an agreement. Once an agreement is in place, a field use permit will be issued. No use of the WCSP is permitted without a field use permit. Larger events should call Ben Huffman at 513-461-1223; organizations wishing to reserve the facilities WCSP for a short term should visit the online reservation system by clicking here.

  • Are the walking trails at the WCSP open to the public?

    Yes. Walking trails may be accessed by foot or bicycle from various access points around the WCSP. Parking is not permitted on the roads and streets (State Route 741 and Greentree Road) surrounding the WCSP, but those wishing to access the walking trails by car may do so by utilizing the paved parking lots at the WCSP provided 1.) the gates to the facility are open; and 2.) the WCSP is not closed due to an event or any other reason. Those using the walking trails are asked to clean up after their animals, and refrain from accessing the field surfaces.

  • Can I bring my dog to the WCSP?

    Yes. Dogs are welcome at the WCSP, but we do ask that you keep them leashed, stay on the walking trails, stay off the fields of play, and that you kindly pick up after them.

  • Is the Turtlecreek Township Park a part of the WCSP?

    Yes. The former Turtlecreek Township Park is now one of two parcels of the WCSP and is, therefore, no longer a public space. Turtlecreek Township has moved its disc golf course to Armco Park, located across State Route 741 from the WCSP.

  • Where is the WCSP?

    The address of the WCSP is 1408 State Route 741, Lebanon, Ohio 45036. All major events are asked to use that address to access the WCSP. For events and entities using the east wing ONLY (six baseball fields and two multi-purpose synthetic fields) may use the address 3021 Greentree Road, Lebanon, Ohio 45036. Click here for a map of the WCSP. Click here to access the Google Maps location for the WCSP.

  • What events will be at the WCSP?

    The WCSP hosts major events in various sports, including soccer, lacrosse, Australian Rules football, baseball, and other events.

  • How big is the WCSP?

    128 acres. The WCSP is in a wing shape, with natural grass multipurpose fields on the west wing of the WCSP (along State Route 741), and two multi-purpose synthetic fields and six baseball fields on the east wing of the WCSP (along Greentree Road). The center piece (the former Turtlecreek Township Park) is open space for additional fields, practice, warm-ups, event administration, and maintenance purposes. Click here for a map of the WCSP. Click here to access the Google Maps location for the WCSP.

  • Are there seats for spectators?

    Some fields have limited seating for spectators. Depending on the event, spectators may be urged to bring their own bag chairs.

  • What are the hours of the WCSP?

    The WCSP is typically open from 8 a.m. to dusk. Please keep in mind that hours may fluctuate by the day or the event schedule.

  • Does the Warren County Sports Park have a lost & found?

    While our staff will occasionally find lost articles left on park grounds, it is the responsibility of participating teams and event directors to collect all personal items following play. If you believe you've lost something at the Sports Park, please first contact your team's coach or event coordinator prior to contacting our sports park staff.

  • What are the general rules or instructions of the WCSP?

    General rules of the WCSP are posted on signs throughout the facility and are as follows:

    • Parking Permitted in Designated Areas ONLY; Violators Will Be Towed at Owner’s Expense

    • Overnight Parking / Camping Is Prohibited

    • No Staking Tents in Grass Areas Without Valid Permit

    • No Solicitation or Sales Without Valid Permit

    • Use of Alcohol or Tobacco on Premises is Prohibited

    • Glass Bottles Are Not Permitted on Premises

    • Events / Field Use May be Cancelled Due to Inclement Weather at the WCCVB’s Discretion

    • No Gum / Seed Use on Field Surfaces

    • Loitering Is Not Permitted

    • Littering Is Not Permitted

    • WARNING: The Entire WCSP Is Under 24 Hour Video Surveillance

  • What are the rules / policies at the WCSP regarding COVID-19?

    The WCSP adheres to the guidelines relative to COVID-19 set forth by the State of Ohio and the Centers for Disease Control; similarly, any organization entering into an agreement to utilize the WCSP must demonstrate a willingness to follow all applicable guidelines as well. Here are the WCSP’s general policies for COVID-19 at this time, but conditions and guidelines are evolving and ever-changing and these guidelines are subject to change. More specific information and guidelines will be provided to organizations entering into an agreement to utilize the WCSP.

  • General Policies


    All individuals contemplating visiting the WCSP will be asked to postpone their visit if they are exhibiting any symptoms of COVID-19

    While on the grounds of the WCSP, guests, including athletes and their coaches & families, will be encouraged to: wear masks and wash hands and/or use hand sanitizer regularly.

  • Event Operators/Renters:

    Event Operators/Renters will encourage:

    - Elimination of pre/post-game handshakes or high-fives
    - Replacement of balls with new ones on every game break
    - The use of digital rosters and scoring rather than paper
    - Teams to spread out throughout the facility during warm-ups in preparation for their turn on the field
    - The scheduling of events in a manner to reduce capacity at all times including scheduling longer breakers between games (to allow more time for transition in and out of the venue) and the addition of longer breaks between games