Wild Warren County: A Two-Day Outdoor Itinerary

Blog by John Short

Whether you’re looking to hike, bike, zip line or canoe, Warren County offers endless ways to explore the great outdoors! Home to steep ravines, lush woodlands, a gorgeous lake and a scenic river, it’s no wonder outdoorsy adventurers travel from all over to discover the wonder of Southwest Ohio. Wondering where to start your fresh-air fun? Below is a jam-packed, two-day itinerary, as well as a few other helpful tips to get your outdoor adventure underway.


Little Miami Scenic River | Warren County, Ohio

Morning: Both into boating, my friend and I decided to get our outdoor excursion started with a canoe trip down the Little Miami Scenic River. We had an absolutely perfect day as we embarked on a six-mile trip which typically lasts anywhere from three to four hours. We made sure to make pit stops along the way to enjoy a refreshing swim and to relax for a bit in the sun. Packing our lunches in the canoe turned out to be a great idea since it didn’t take long for either of us to realize we were starving. Plus, that extra energy came in handy during our afternoon adventures!

Afternoon: Once we were back on dry land, we took a short drive north to Waynesville's Caesar Creek State Park for some afternoon hiking. Home to more than 5,000 acres of land and 2,700 acres of lake water, the beautiful park offered hours and hours of excitement. We took pictures by waterfalls, walked a rope bridge over a lively spring and even added an Ohio history lesson to our agenda by checking out the early Quaker settlements at Caesar Creek Pioneer Village.

Evening: By evening, we were pretty exhausted from our full day of fun and decided to wind down with some fishing in Caesar Creek Lake. Soon enough though, we were hungry again and decided to make our way to Downtown Waynesville to pay a visit to a locally beloved pizza parlor - Bentino's - before calling it a night.


Ozone Zipline Adventures | Oregonia, Ohio

Morning: Having already canoed down the Little Miami on day one of our trip, we woke up on day two ready to soar over it at Oregonia's Ozone Zipline Adventures. Our visit to Ozone was honestly one of the coolest experiences I've ever had and offered incredible views of the river valley. Our tour guide also gave us us some awesome insight on the area's history, including Fort Ancient Earthworks & Nature Preserve - an amazing Native American site nearby. Even though neither of us were particularly scared of heights, it was still pretty daunting jumping off platforms and flying into the forest. By the time we zipped across our last line, we were both still pumping with adrenaline, and - of course - hungry again.

Afternoon: On our hunt for lunch that afternoon, I remembered hearing about a cafe in nearby Lebanon that was popular among the locals - The Village Parlor. A few classic hamburgers, banana splits and waffle cones later, we were all fueled up and ready to continue exploring Downtown Lebanon. Steeped in awesome Ohio history, the charming little town was well worth exploring - particularity its antique shops and the iconic Golden Lamb - a hotel and restaurant that has hosted 12 U.S. Presidents since opening in the early 1800s. Having had our fill of both food and fun by that evening, we called it a (wonderful) weekend and got ready to head back home.

Ready to plan an outdoorsy itinerary of your own? Get your Warren County adventure going right here on!