Experience the Ohio's Largest Playground GeoTour!

SPECIAL NOTE: Geocache #5 on the Ohio's Largest Playground GeoTour is currently disabled. Passports missing info for #5 will still be considered complete and coins will still be awarded. Thank you!

Calling all explorers, adventurers and scavenger hunt sleuths: the Ohio's Largest Playground GeoTour is officially live! Check out the info below to learn more!

What's Geocaching and how does it work?

Geocaching is a popular (and free!) outdoor adventure game that challenges players to hunt for cleverly hidden "treasure chests" (called geocaches) all over the world. Players can use either the official Geocaching App or a GPS device to search out and track down these fun-filled treasures. Once a player has located a geocache, they can open it, view its contents and sign the logbook provided inside to prove their discovery.

Some geocaches include trade (or swag) items. These items often include things like small toys, keychains, stickers or other trinkets. While players are encouraged to take (one of) these items should they find a cache, they're asked in exchange to leave another such item of equal or greater value behind for the next cache discoverer to enjoy. Once finished with a geocache, players are asked to return the geocache exactly how they found it, then mark the cache as "Found" on their Geoching app to officially cross it off their list.

What's the OLP GeoTour?

Featuring 15 unique geocaches hidden all throughout Warren County's cozy small towns, outdoor draws and awesome attractions, the Ohio's Largest Playground GeoTour is an action-packed, fun-filled and totally free way to explore our corner of Southwest Ohio like never before! This family-friendly experience is perfect for seasoned geocachers and those new to the game, and even includes an additional fun little prize at the end: those who successfully find all 15 caches can earn their very own souvenir coin!

Sounds awesome! How do I get started?

The Ohio's Largest Playground GeoTour will officially go live on and the Geocaching app around 10 AM EST on Friday, October 20. At that time, players can access the coordinates for all 15 caches hidden throughout our county. Each of the 15 geocaches is different from the next, but all include log books, Warren County trinkets and important passcodes which players can track on our downloadable, printable OLP GeoTour Passcode Passport available through the link below. Those who complete the entire GeoTour and collect all 15 passcodes can mail or deliver their completed passport to our Warren County CVB office (Monday through Friday, 9 AM to 4:30 PM) to receive a commemorative souvenir Ohio's Largest Playground GeoCoin.