Taking on Mystic Timbers at Kings Island

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Since the incredible debut of the record-breaking Banshee in April of 2014, Warren County’s world-renowned theme park, Kings Island, has left coaster-crazed followers from all over the world eagerly awaiting its next coaster creation. In April of 2017, that creation came to life in the form of Mystic Timbers, an exhilarating wooden coaster that sends its riders on a high-speed adventure through an abandoned–though not entirely uninhabited–lumber mill. Our bloggers had the awesome opportunity to be among the very first to ride the cryptic new coaster, and the reviews are in: Mystic Timbers is as epic an adventure as advertised!

The Kings Island Lifer: Scott
Having lived quite literally in the shadows of Kings Island for more than 20 years, I have grown to know KI’s collection of coasters like the back of my hand. That being the case, I always watch with eager anticipation whenever a new ride is being raised into the park’s skyline. A huge fan of such wooden classics as The Racer and The Beast, I was particularly excited by the prospect of Mystic Timbers. Having now finally ridden the long-awaited thrill ride, I’m pleased to report that it easily exceeded all of my expectations! For those who have visited Kings Island in the past, I would describe Mystic Timbers as the perfect marriage between The Beast and Adventure Express. It’s hilly, lightning quick and intense enough to thrill even the wildest of coaster crazies, but also delivers a smooth ride that’s steeped in thematic elements much like Adventure Express. Would I rank it among the park’s most hair-raising rides? Probably not. But it certainly makes for an awesome addition to KI’s already iconic lineup of coasters, and is sure to become a favorite among families with children due to its unique blend of high-thrill highlights and smooth-sailing track. As for the ride’s climactic conclusion – that eerie, harrowing shed you’ve surely all heard about by now? You’ll just have to learn ‘what’s in the shed’ for yourself.

Mystic Timbers at Kings Island | Mason, Ohio

The Theme Park Mom: Mary
Hello.  My name is Mary.  I am a mom and a coaster junkie! My family loves thrill rides and has been fortunate to ride many here in Ohio and in Florida. Mystic Timbers is sure to be a new fave.  The flow and speed of the ride are great for adventurous spirits, but better for younger kids than perhaps The Beast, Diamondback, or Banshee.  In fact, it is approved for 48” height and above in order to allow more families to enjoy it together. I had the opportunity to ride toward the front, middle, and in the back.  Front was smoothest, of course, so it might be best for reluctant riders. The farther back I sat, the wilder the ride felt (in a good way). The twists and turns were fast and fun. A co-worker likened the ride to skiing, as you leaned side to side and tackled hill after hill. To maximize your time in the shed, I would suggest sitting in the middle or back. And, by the way, while I won’t spoil the fun by revealing what’s in the shed, I will say that there is a logical explanation for why you may hear different stories from those who do choose to reveal the secret(s) hidden within.

The Coaster Enthusiast: Jessica
I’m a pretty big fan of roller coasters, and Mystic Timbers definitely ranks in my top 5! As I approached the ride entrance, I was literally bouncing with excitement, and I couldn’t wait to get on and experience it! I was not disappointed. It was hands-down the smoothest wooden coaster that I’ve ever ridden, and the speed was great! The top speed is only 53 mph, but feels much faster. The banked curves and the airtime hills were positioned at exactly the right moments, leading to an exhilarating experience. The first drop is certainly impressive (and make sure to look around as you’re climbing the lift hill – the view can’t be beat!), and descends with a speed and urgency that the ride maintains throughout your entire journey through the woods. I also loved zooming over the railroad tracks and White Water Canyon! Pro tip: Sit as far to the back as you can for the most immersive experience!

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