Deerfield Township Quilt Barns

Come to Warren County and visit the Quilt Barns of Deerfield Township who partnered with The Arts Alliance to create this unique public art.

Fleckenstein Flower:
Nestled among the green, rolling landscape of Fleckenstein Park in Mason, sits Warren County's first Quilt Barn--the Fleck Fern. An original design from local artist and sculptor Denny Means, the gold, blue and red flower artwork created exclusivily for the historic structure is 8' x 8' and features more than 14 different colors.

King's Crown:
Located at Carter Park, this original design, also created by Denny Means, was designed to represent the success of the Powder Keg Factoryin Kings Mills, Ohio and its owner Ahimaaz King.

The Circle Game:
The Circle Game quilt barn, located at Cottell Park, was created using designs submitted by the 2013 Deerfield Township Summer Camp.

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