Fort Ancient Earthworks & Nature Preserve

Fort Ancient Earthworks & Nature Preserve | Oregonia, Ohio
  • 6123 State Route 350
  • Oregonia, OH 45054
  • Phone:  513-932-4421
  • Directions: I-71, exit 36 or I-75, exit 29
  • Hours: Vary seasonally - See website for details
  • Adult Admission: $7
  • Child Admission: $3

Dating back nearly 2,000 years, Fort Ancient Earthworks & Nature Preserve is the nation's largest and best-preserved prehistoric hilltop enclosure and was once an immensely important gathering place for some of Ohio's earliest Native American ancestors. One of the eight Hopewell Ceremonial Earthworks locations inscribed by UNESCO as World Heritage Sites in 2023, Fort Ancient welcomes visitors to walk among its masterfully constructed earth mounds, tour an awe-inspiring museum and learn the incredible stories of the people who once gathered on its grounds.