Underground Railroad Journey to Freedom

Recognized as one of the most traveled routes to freedom, thousands of runaway slaves passed through Cincinnati and Warren County on the Underground Railroad (UGRR).

A network of abolitionist supporters “conducted” the UGRR by illegally assisting the slaves and providing safe havens along their route to the free states and Canada. The mostly Quaker communities of Springboro, Waynesville and Harveysburg were secret stops along the trail. This tour honors the bravery of the runaway slaves and the men and women who guided and protected them.

One to Three Day Itinerary

Day One

Morning: Start the day strolling along the brick-lined streets of historic Waynesville then enjoy lunch at Cobblestone Café or the Hammel House.

Afternoon: Now you’re ready to start your journey on the Underground Railroad in Springboro, believed to be the most traveled area in Ohio for runaway slaves with 27 documented safe houses, where secret nooks and tunnels hid runaways from bounty hunters. The Springboro Historical Society Museum reveals fascinating information on the elaborate tunnel system that once underlay the town. Groups can schedule guided tours with costumed re-enactors. A ‘must see’ on the tour is the Null Cabin, the oldest on-site log cabin in the county.

Evening: The finale of the day is a softly lit buffet dinner and a lively Broadway-style production at La Comedia, one of the largest dinner theaters in the country.

Day Two

Morning: Depart for the Rankin House in Ripley, Ohio. The John Rankin family sheltered more than 2000 slaves who climbed the “Stairway to Liberty” from the Ohio River to their home.

Afternoon: For lunch, dine at Cohearts River House, known for its charming ambiance, scenic river view and American cuisine. Your next stop is the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center, a three-pavilion, 158,000 square-foot learning center in Cincinnati. The Freedom Center brings to life the historic struggles for freedom around the world and throughout history, which includes an authentic two-story slave pen and state-of-the-art film and multimedia experiences.

Evening: End the day with a winery tour and dinner at Valley Vineyards, where you “grill your own steak”, and enjoy homemade desserts and spirits.

Day Three

Morning: Explore the Warren County Historical Society Museum in Lebanon, where you’ll be impressed by one of the largest collections of Shaker artifacts and furniture in the country. Your museum visit includes the viewing of a “village green” exhibit from the Victorian age and the option to browse through their extensive genealogy library.

Afternoon: Two doors north is lunch at The Golden Lamb Restaurant & Hotel, Ohio’s oldest inn, which is known for entertaining the most prominent literary and political figures of the 19th century and it’s collection of Shaker furniture and artifacts. Your final destination is the Afro-American Museum in Wilberforce, which houses exhibits from African-American experiences from the period immediately following the end of World War II to the passage of the voting rights of 1965. On your way to Wilberforce, make a quick stop at the First Free Black School in Ohio located in Harveysburg. The restored school building is a symbol of the progress of freedom through education.

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