Ozone Zipline Adventures

Follow us to adventure at Ozone Zipline Adventures - the largest zip line canopy tour in the Midwest! Education and fun come together as Ozone Zipline Adventures redefines eco-tourism in Ohio. Not only is Ozone Zipline Adventures the largest zipline tour in Ohio, but it is the largest zip line tour in the entire Midwest!
What's new at Ozone? Ozone Zipline Adventures opened 2 new zip lines in 2012 that cross the Little Miami River at 200 ft in the air. Fly high above the canopy and take in 360 degrees of incredible views on this record-breaking adventure! We now offer Season Passes and Gift Certificates! Check the website for special deals and savings!

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  • Adult Admission: From $45

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Ozone Zipline Adventures

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(513) 932-3756
5291 State Route 350
Oregonia OH 45054
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